Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Living It Up (Optional Rule for LL)

I've been an active participant in the ConstantCon/FLAILSNAILS experiment for little more than a year now and am having the time of my life. One aspect of D&D that has gone out the window, however, is resource management. In particular, one resource in particular that many players forget about (and I'm as guilty as an of them) is the cost of living. That is something I'd like to try and rectify in the Savage World of Krül, and I think I've found an interesting way to do so.

One week of time passes between each session. During this period the party rests and relaxes according to their means, enjoying their hard earned coin. At the beginning of each session PCs are presented with a bill at the inn where they are staying. The PC may choose one of three options for accommodations:

Accommodations for the budget-minded delver.

Dive: For the adventurer living on the cheap, they may find lodgings in a packed common room, a bed pushed up against the wall of a bar, or as a lodger in a windowless fifth-floor tenement apartment. No matter the specific locale, they can look forward to lumpy mattresses, thin stews, and leaky roofs. There is a small chance of an encounter with ruffians, cutthroats, and parasites. Cost: 1 gp / week

Standard: A private room, either in a modest hotel or a small apartment, this allows for privacy and some creature comforts. Decent food, relative safety, and a place to call home. Cost: 5 gp / week

A quiet place to get away from it all.

Luxury: Suckling pig, the finest wines, full-body massages - you are living the high life. A suite of rooms, five-course meals, a show every night, and a line of suitors knocking at your door. Truly, the only way to live for the well to-do adventurer and man about town. Cost: 25 gp x lvl / week (the cost increases as the PCs become increasingly jaded in their tastes)

Upon departing for their adventure, party members will roll hit points for the session. If they have stayed in a Dive, they roll twice and take the lower result. If they stayed in a Standard room, roll once. Finally, if they lived in the lap of Luxury, they may roll twice and take the higher result.

Clever players may attempt to stay in better accommodations than they can afford. They are certainly welcome to do so, although the innkeeper/landlord will likely have their own thoughts on the matter.


  1. Great use of the roll 2 take higher or lower! So simple and easy to remember. How do you handle healing in game?

    1. I personally like the idea of HP = fatigue / minor cuts, bruises, and burns. Since the players have a week between adventures, they are "fully healed" (i.e. roll HP) before each game.

      Once a player reaches zero hit points (or below) they've sustained a serious injury, which may put them out of commission for a longer period of time.

      I'll discuss healing in more detail soon.

  2. I also like the effect of lodging on hit points. My 1st level warrior with 2 hit points in the campaign I'm playing in would love to reroll more frequently.


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