Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Marvel '78: Appendix N

Black Panther
Priest, Christopher: Black Panther (1998), The Crew

Black Widow
Conway, Gerry: The Coldest War
Grayson, Devin: Black Widow (1999)
Macchio, Ralph: Bizarre Adventures, Marvel Fanfare
Morgan, Richard K: Black Widow: The Things They Say About Her

Captain America
Brubaker, Ed
Priest, Christopher: Captain America & Falcon

Miller, Frank: Daredevil (1964)
Nocenti, Ann: Daredevil (1964)

Lapham, David: Deadpool MAX

McDuffie, Dwayne: Deathlok (1991), Deathlok (1992)

Doctor Strange
Ditko, Steve: Strange Tales (1951)
Pak, Greg: Doctor Strange: Season One
Stern, Roger: Doctor Strange (1974), Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment
Vaughn, Brian K.: Doctor Strange: The Oath

Wolfman, Marv: Tomb of Dracula (1972)

Miller, Frank: Elektra: Assassin, Elektra Lives Again

Ghost Rider
Aaron, Jason: Ghost Rider: Heaven's On Fire, Vicious Cycle
Ennis, Garth: Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation
Mackie, Howard: Ghost Rider (1990)
Stern, Roger: Ghost Rider (1973)

Ennis, Garth: Druid, Hellstorm: Prince of Lies

Pak, Greg and Van Lente, Fred: Herc

Heroes for Hire
Abnett, Dan and Lanning, Andy: Heroes for Hire (2011)
Brubaker, Ed: The Immortal Iron Fist
Duffy, Mary Jo: Power Man & Iron Fist

I, Zombie
Gerber, Steve: Tales of the Zombie

Jessica Jones
Bendis, Brian Michael: Alias

Legion of Night
Gerber, Steve: Legion of Night (1991)

Gerber, Steve: Adventure into Fear, Man-Thing (1974)

Marvel Boy
Morrison, Grant: Marvel Boy (2000)

Moon Knight
DeMattias, J.M.: Marc Spector: Moon Knight
Moench, Doug: Moon Knight (1980)

Vaughn, Brian K.: Mystique

Nick Fury
Ennis, Garth: Fury, Fury MAX
Harras, Bob: Nick Fury vs SHIELD

Nicieza, Fabien: Nomad (1990), Nomad (1992)

Aaron, Jason: Punisher MAX
Ennis, Garth
Grant, Steven: Punisher (1986)
Rucka, Greg: Punisher (2011)

Moench, Doug: Master of Kung-Fu

Conway, Gerry: Spectacular Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man
Defalco, Tom: Amazing Spider-Man
Stern, Roger: Amazing Spider-Man 

Terror, Inc.
Chichester, D.G.: Terror, Inc. (1992)

Remender, Rick: Venom (2011)

War Machine
Pak, Greg: War Machine (2009)

Aaron, Jason: Wolverine: Weapon X
Claremont, Chris: Wolverine (1982), Kitty Pryde & Wolverine
David, Peter: Marvel Comics Presents
Hama, Larry: Wolverine (1988)

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