Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Campaign Set-Up

For regular readers, I figured it may be of some interest to keep up with the double in person and G+ games running in the Savage World of Krül. Here is the player's introduction to our introductory dungeon, which I have dubbed 'Mindfuck Dungeon' because of its complex and tricky layout:

Val-Soth, jewel of the canals and trade hub between the Vossal Makkan Range to the south and the Veridian Sea to the north, was set a-twitter today by the shocking news of the Clock King's demise.

The Clock King, who had resided in his tower in the Low Quarter for as long as anyone can recall, was believed to be well on his way to ascension amongst the Star Kings thanks to his unwavering (and tacky) dedication to his celestial alignment. Many Warlocks were aghast at his untimely doom.

Although witnesses to this sad event have yet to surface, all in the Low Quarter were stunned when, at the stroke of midnight, the traditional tolling from the tower was cut short. On the following morning the tower of time was revealed to be nought but sand, and when the cutting eastern winds swept from the desert in late afternoon it was blown away altogether.

Beneath the grand tower a single staircase reportedly descending into the Underworld, now lain bare by the shifting of the sands of time. Already adventuring mobs and various ruffians have begun planning their expeditions and local militias have scuffled in the streets to be the first to seize the site "as a safety precaution".

Your hastily-formed adventuring mob has decided to loot the tomb of the Clock King before rival mobs or the authorities can do so first.

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