Thursday, February 20, 2014

All The News That's Fit To Print (Part 2)

Continuing our weekly news roundup, here are the headlines from 02/03/14:

Kneel before Vaal!
The sounds of workmen could be heard throughout the week installing "pray stations", the breakout attraction of the up-and-coming temple of Vaal, every few blocks throughout the Low Quarter. Unlike the traditional temples, Vaal's pray stations allow for direct supplication to the god of lost knowledge (for a nominal fee). Many have lined up before the pray stations to beg for Vaal's favor, despite denunciations by the House of Man, who have cast aspersions on the godling for its "dragon-like mien."

Silver Skulls uniform

The People's Party hosted a free camptosaurus cook-out this week for the down-and-out in the Low Quarter, but the festivities were disrupted by a rowdy group of Silver Skulls. While the 7th Ward Workmen did their best to repel the party crashers, the cone-dealing Skulls proved to be too well organized for the volunteer militia and the function collapsed into chaos.

Kong soldiers defending the Lokuz zone of Tsath

In regional news, a border skirmish erupted in occupied Tsath between troops of the Oxalan and Lokuz districts. Since the end of the Virgin's War 10 years ago, Tsath has been divided into occupied zones each held by one of the fearsome foursome: Val-Soth, Omega, Oxala and Lokuz, and tensions have continued to rise between these factions. The Kong of Lokuz, in particular, have been viewed with suspicion by their neighbors (who fear further expansion by the Dragon Masters). Unsurprisingly, a drunken group of Oxalan barbarians decided to raid into the Lokuz zone and were brutally slaughtered by the Kong, who promised further reprisals "should their sovereign territory be invaded again."
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