Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All The News That's Fit To Print (Part 1)

Stealing a page from the Hill Cantons, I've taken to posting weekly news items on the G+ community page, both for hooks and to introduce the players to various aspects of the campaign world. Here is the news from January 26th, 2014:

And now the latest from the Low Quarterly (published weekly)...

The Low Quarter still suffers from the scourge of drug addiction, particularly the hot new fix, Cone. Known for its short, intense psychedelic high and crippling side effects, Cone has become the vice of choice for those looking to escape a life of crushing poverty. The streets of the poorest wards have been choked with Coneheads, and their occasional violent fits have led Ward Boss Framoso to urge severe thrashing by the local police. Framoso had the following to say: "It is our hope that a vigorous campaign of senseless violence will drive the Conehead menace underground or out into the iron wastes."

The police and the 7th Ward Workmen (a militia comprised of ousted officials from the previous administration) clashed again in the streets over the Tower of Time. While the police came armed with a Lawson judge's orders, the Workmen put up a spirited resistance, driving the coppers from the scene in a hail of bricks and obscenities. 

Prana, one of the most influential Arbiters and darling of the dancehall set, declared today that tiaras are 'in' and pants 'were only for plebs.' In response, fashionable clothiers have rushed to take advantage of this public announcement, with all pants 50% off and all tiaras at a 50% markup.

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