Thursday, August 15, 2013

Working Joes

Working Joe
by Jason Sholtis

The most populous of the Threen, the Working Joes can be seen toiling along the banks of the grand canals, in the crooked streets and the hardscrabble countryside. They are a tough, rowdy people and after a hard day's labor they can often be found crowding smoky, ill-lit juke joints and honky tonks, fighting, drinking, dancing, laughing, and loving. While their Lawson employers often consider the Working Joes filthy, ill-mannered and brutish, without them the canal system which is the lifeblood of their dying world would collapse entirely.

Working Joes find work wherever they can get it, but are most often employed as porters and stevedores, poleboat walkers and canal crews. Like all living beings on Krül, the Working Joe relies upon the canals for survival, but unlike most it is his muscle power that keeps them moving. Few human workers can be coerced into the herculean labor involved in dragging massive cargo barges upstream, a task essential to keeping trade alive. Fewer still willingly join the work crews needed to dredge the canals that the desert sands constantly threaten to consume. Yet the Working Joes are there, accepting for meager pay jobs that would break lesser men.

Outside of the canal system, many Joes work in construction, a field that they are uniquely suited for because of their ability to secrete a quick-hardening amber resin. This resin is a bonding agent similar to cement which is often used to reinforce crumbling canals and is an essential component of their tenement-mounds. 

Explorers, tomb robbers, and other unsavory sorts best know the Working Joes as porters used to haul treasures out of the undercity. Joes can be easily recruited from the throngs of the unemployed that wait outside of the Temple of Man. There, drifters, hard-luck cases, and Working Joes lounge, waiting to get hired onto a crew. Although Lawson administrators and capitalists are the primary employers, few are too proud to turn down work of any sort.

Working Joes
AC: 6; HD 1; MV 12" (4"), Wall-Crawl 6" (2"); AT #1; D 1d6; SV F1; ML 9
No. Enc.: 30-300; Hoard: II; XP: 16
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