Thursday, August 22, 2013

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth!

One of the two Dragon Master subspecies:
The Mastermind

The descent of the First Men from the heavens ushered in an era of bounteous joy and illumination, where all strove to live in perfect harmony with the Law and each meditated upon the Ideal Form which they emanated from. Yet, paradise could not last. An ancient enemy of the First Men, the terrible Dragon Masters, saw this land of pure peace and happiness and were filled with a gnawing jealousy. Seeking to wreck what the First Men had wrought, the Dragon Masters passed through the firmament and onto the Savage World of Krül.

Aping the First Men before them, the Dragon Masters wreathed themselves in flesh. Taking on an aspect of the serpent, the Dragon Masters built remote kingdoms far from the eye of the Law and began to spread heresies amongst the half-men. The Dragon Masters claimed to predate humanity, and that Men were but cattle which had escaped from their pens. They even shaped mockeries of the flesh, hirsute, roughly man-shaped beings which they claimed were the true origins of the Law. These they named Kong, and all who saw their hideousness hid their face in shame.

Depredations of the Kong

Great armies of these Kong were raised in a bewildering array of forms, but all marked with a cruel, lawless savagery which rivaled that of any half-man. The Kong scoured the land, conquering the wild places and where the Law was weak; and wherever the Kong touched, the Dragon Masters carved the world in their image. Great serpents, known as dinosaurs, were called forth from the sky so that when the Dragon Masters passed through their territories they would see themselves reflected as in a pool. A darkness fell over the land and some whispered that the Law could not hold and only the jungle would remain.

It was thus that the First Men sallied forth from their shining citadels, astride their flaming steeds and wreathed in stars. Fearlessly they drove into the twisted, stinking mass of the Kong, searing the false men with the truth of the Law. For many days did the battle rage on, a great deluge of blood pouring from the mountains of corpses and into the Underworld, where a Scarlet Sea is said yet to remain. 

When all was still only the First Men remained.

One of the First Men mounts for battle

In the aftermath the defeated Dragon Masters were gathered so that they could be administered the Law. The First Men pronounced that if the Dragons so loved the jungle, they would become naught but beasts. Hence, the Zillas were born, those half-intelligent monsters which serve as mounts and soldiers in the wars of the city-states.

Yet some few Dragon Masters escaped the judgement of the First Men, hiding in the cracks of the earth and nursing their wounds. These Dragon Masters would rise up time and again to threaten Man, and so Kong and Zilla still clash today, from the jungles to the city-states to the grand canals; wherever life may dwell, you will find them there, fighting for their very survival.

In Part 2, we'll be introduced to the mighty Kong and their unending war against the descendants of the First Men!

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