Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Warlock Fashion

Harkening back to the days of their founders, the Star-Lords, Warlocks have always possessed a flair for daring and theatrical costuming. Their dramatic sensibilities demand powerful color schemes of jet, gold, cerulean, rubicand, and royal purple.

Unlike the wizards of ancient legend, however, most Warlocks prefer outfits which allow for a greater range of movement. Voluminous robes have given way to short skirts or leggings with tasteful scarlet loincloths.

Owing perhaps to the fact that their progenitors are known as "Star-Lords", many Warlocks adopt cosmic elements into their design schema. Others believe this to be in deference to Starlin, one of the Ideal Forms whose emanations comprise the vast potentiality of the Overworld. Whatever the case may be, few can argue that it psychedelic flamboyance can spice up any dull outfit.

A natural consequence of mastering forces beyond the ken of Man is a tendency for Warlocks to take on an increasingly inhuman, otherworldly mien. Common mutations of this sort include golden skin, pupil-less eyes, and especially prominent chins. While some would bemoan such an unusual appearance, many a Warlock embrace this with an enviable amount of panache, opting for a 'more is less' approach to dress and allowing their supernatural attributes to be a fashion statement in and of themselves.

Trendsetting Warlocks may also want to remember these important fashion 'Dos' of the 800s: big collars are in, sleeves were made to flair, and every outfit can be accessorized with golden bracers or ornate girdles. Good luck out there, fashion fans!

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