Monday, August 19, 2013

Gods Walk Among Us!

Seas Boil

When the Annihilation Event occurred, the Underworld drank the oceans and the Overworld rained death. The Star Lords had stolen the fires of heaven and so the First Men, in response, razed the earth over which they laid claim.

With the death of the physical world the Star-Lords became increasingly remote, retiring to their celestial abodes and leaving their physical kingdoms in chaos. The people of Krül, abandoned both by their First Men forefathers and their Star-Lord kings, cried for salvation as their world burned.

The Demons in the Earth listened.

The sky breaks open

Long feared and held in contempt, the blood-cults emerged from the depths of the Underworld, led by their half-god high priests. These descendants of the gods, known as the Elite, gathered the frightened masses to their breast, providing succor from the ravages of a dying world. In exchange for saving man, the Demons in the Earth demanded worship and fealty.

The people of Krül emerged from the underworld when the Annihilation Event subsided, dedicated to reclaiming their lands from the ruins of civilization. Yet there was very little to return to, as the surface had been shattered by the ire of the First Men and only vast tracts of swampland remained where oceans once stood.

As the hungry maw of the desert feasted on the corpse of the world, the Elite undertook the greatest feat of engineering ever dared: a series of grand canals which crisscrossed the face of the world. These canals allowed the meager water resources of melting polar caps to be distributed as widely as possible, providing irrigation for the fields and vapor for the cloud machines. Where the canals intersected the Elite built cities and a vast trade network emerged.

An Elite High Priest

Although the canals would provide a second life for Krül, it was only a temporary reprieve. The deserts endlessly strive to claim the final remnants of humanity and even the Gods of the Earth seem incapable of holding them at bay for much longer. City-states like Val-Soth today owe their existence to these canals, and as they continue to break down each becomes more and more isolated, the desert slowly obliterating what little life yet remains.

Continued in Part 2, which will detail the modern Elite and their role as both high priests and heads of state.

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