Friday, August 23, 2013

Glossary of Krülty


Arbiters: Thin-blooded children of the Elite that live as lawless idle rich hipsters with magic powers.
Autos: Intelligent cars which roam the countryside in feral packs.
Buzzsaw: One-armed gladiatorial champion of Kushtur Arena, formerly associated with the Metal Fingers.
Centaurs: Motorcycle cyborgs which serve the Governor.
Clock King: Aspiring Star Lord of Time now presumed dead after the Tower of Time collapsed.
Coneheads: Violent drug addicts physically deformed by Cone, the newest street drug in the Low Quarter.
Diamond Debs: 7th Ward all-girl gang and professional wrestling troupe comprised of Virgin's War vets.
Demons of the Earth: See Gods in the Earth.
Dragon Masters: Reptilian enemies of the First Men, bent on conquest.
Elite: Rulers of Val-Soth, descendants of the Gods of the Earth.
Fallarin: Winged race of humanoids which live in remote enclaves.
The Family: God-beings which rule over Omega, the Last City.
Father Wisdom: Patriarch of the Family, protector of Omega, the Last City.
First Men: Celestial beings which humanity descended from.
Galactic Oligarchs: Rulers of the celestial spheres.
General Metroom: Colonial administrator of Almurth.
Gods of the Earth: Powerful beings that populate the Underworld.
Govenor: Robotic mind dedicated to exterminating humanity.
Joes: Bug-people divided into different castes and working as second class citizens to humans.
Kadja: Buxom, mischievous daughter of Valmar.
Kong: Ape-race that serves as soldiers of the Dragon Masters.
Krütians: Once the most populous prehuman species on Krül, now a dwindling race.
Law & Order Party: Low Quarter political party comprised of petite bourgeoisie.
Lawsons: Bourgeois class of bureaucrats who worship the First Men.
Lum the Lascivious: Flesh warlock known for his jaded and lecherous tastes.
Mathilda the Massive: Leader of the Diamond Debs, former colonel in the Virgin's War.
Metal Fingers: Cyborg street gang in the 7th Ward.
One-Eye: Mutant adventurer and would-be Elite godling, executed for heresy.
People's Party: Low Quarter political party comprised of the working poor.
Prana: Arbiter trendsetter and rival to Yaga.
Quom: A tribe of horsemen who range the Veridian Sea.
Seventh Ward Workmen: Volunteer militia comprised of police officers ousted by the Law & Order Party.
Silver Skulls: Masked gang on the rise in the 7th Ward, sole distributors of Cone.
Skardi: Cephalopod race now nearly extinct after the Annihilation Event.
Star Lords: Mighty wizard-kings which once ruled over Krül.
Thaggadoom: Legendary giant with a taste for horseflesh.
Thar-Phreen: See Joes.
The Twins: Underworld gods of fraternity, secrecy, and oaths.
Vaal: Underworld god of hidden knowledge.
Valmar: Law & Order Party booster and 7th Ward garment manufacturer.
Ward Boss Framoso: Boss of the 7th Ward and staunch member of the Law & Order Party.
Warlocks: Modern wizards.
Warlord Zorg: Conquering giant-king to the West.
Xubatu, the Slithering God: God of the Earth which provides magical power in exchange for service.
Yaga: Arbiter fashionista and rival to Prana.
Zillas: Half-intelligent dinosaur beasts of war.


Abbol Canal: Major canal that connects Val-Soth and Tsath.
Almurth: Val-Soth's contested colony in the Surviving Sea region.
Basin of Gold: Huge tent bazaar, marketplace, and dockyard of Val-Soth where multiple canals converge.
Danceteria: Dime-a-dance joint and reported hideout of the Metal Fingers Gang.
Diunma Nami: The cancerous living moon of Krül.
Fifth Ward: One of the nine wards in the Low Quarter of Val-Soth and Krütian ghetto.
House of Man: See Temple of Man.
Izuma: Lost city of the Skardi at the bottom of the Veridian Sea.
Kushtur Arena: Massive gladiatorial arena in Val-Soth.
Lokuz: Enslaved human city, run by the Kong in the name of the Dragon Masters.
Maze of the Seven Thousand Crystal Frames: Underworld home of Xubatu, the Slithering God.
Mur Plains: Rich grasslands outside of Yazlan.
Omega, the Last City: Sealed utopia ruled by the Family.
Outer Wastes: Dilapidated ruins surrounding Val-Soth.
Overworld: Infinite dimension of possibility, both above the world and overlapping it.
Oxala: Meeting ground of a confederation of barbaric tribes in the foothills of Vossan Makkal Range.
Scarlet Sea: Fabled sea of blood in the Underworld.
Seventh Ward: One of nine wards in the Low Quarter of Val-Soth, home of the campaign.
Surviving Sea: The last known major body of water on the surface of Krül.
Temple of Man: Lawson temple to the First Men in Val-Soth, banking hub and seat of city government.
Tower of Time: Massive sand castle and home to the Clock King, now collapsed.
Tsath: Occupied city-state, formerly a feminist utopia, now divided into districts ruled by regional powers.
Veridian Sea: Dead ocean, wiped out by the Annihilation Event.
Underworld: Vast system of caves full of gods, monsters and treasures, said to terminate in the Overworld.
Val-Soth: City-state where the campaign begins.
Vossan Makkal Range: Massive mountain range to the south of Val-Soth.
Yazlan: City-state to the east of Val-Soth.


Annihilation Event: War between First Men and Star Lords which drank the oceans and shattered the sky.
Celestial Orders: Warlock societies dedicated to the study of the Seven Sciences.
Cone: Hallucinogenic drug currently all the rage, known for horrible side effects.
Ex Nihilio: Failed project by the First Men to create a perfect sphere of Law as a reward to the faithful.
Great Thaw: Annual rush of floodwaters from melting polar ice caps.
Ideal Forms: Perfect aspects of creation which emanate infinite variations of potential reality.
Kirbonite: Element found in the Underworld which attunes local area with the Overworld.
Tourists: Otherworldly troublemaking spirits which have taken physical form.
Trials of the Gods: Test undergone by divine paternity claimants to join the Elite.
Worldcube: Legendary treasure said to lead to other dimensions.
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