Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Father Wisdom, Patriarch of the Family, Keeper of the Flame and Steward of OMEGA, The Last City

All hail the Defender of Civilization, Upholder of the Law, and Judge of the Wicked:

Chris Kutalik as a young Father Wisdom
by Jason Sholtis

The sealed citadel of the OMEGA, the Last City, is said to be heavenly beyond measure, the perfect realization of Law. Many have spoken of the miracles of Father Wisdom, the First Man who refused to abandon Krül, and the paradise that he carved from the wreck of a world.


More details about Father Wisdom and the Family are forthcoming here from Rogues and Reavers, but today I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the second birthday of the G+ Hill Cantons game (which passed last Tuesday), run by the inestimable Chris Kutalik. I can honestly say that, in my near 20 years of experience playing and running D&D, nothing has even begun to compare. If you ever have the opportunity to play, do not pass up on a game that I have no doubt is every bit as good as the legendary campaigns of Arneson, Gygax, and Barker. If given the opportunity, I will continue to play for the rest of my years.

A large part of what makes the Hill Cantons so amazing is my fellow players, the Nefarious Nine. Thanks to Cole, Evan, Anthony, Humza, Michael, Mike D, Jeremy, Trey, Mikah, Jason, and Rey. Knowing all of you has been a boon.

Okay, time to put away the handkerchief and get back to blogging. Thanks again!
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