Friday, July 12, 2013

The Seven Celestial Sciences

The magic-users of Krül today (commonly known as Warlocks) trace their lineage back to the Star Lords, a powerful sect of wizard kings that existed before the Annihilation Event. Although the exact details of their decline and withdrawal from the planet has been lost in the cataclysmic upheaval of the Event, it is said that they descended through the Underworld and into the void, where their heavens can be seen twinkling remotely in the sky above.

The seven greatest of the Star Lords would each form a fraternity based on one of the cosmological forces of the Overworld, known as 'Sciences'. From their occult experiments these Star Lords would form the canon of spells for each order, which would be refined by later masters.

The Seven Celestial Sciences:
Time, Space, Energy, Matter, Spirit, Body, Dream

Today these fraternities continue to pass their secrets down through initiatory ritual training and one-on-one student/master apprenticeships. Hierarchical in nature, the Orders are organized into tiers known as 'orbits' which are ranked in distance from their founder. As a student masters the mysteries of his order he is said to be aligning himself into a closer orbit and, thus, becoming more like their mythical founder. 

In deference to the revered Star Lords which have ascended into godhood, each of these esoteric disciplines are known as Celestial Sciences and at the head of each fraternity a position is held for their immortal founders.Whether or not the Star Lords still play a role guiding the organizations they founded or if these positions are purely symbolic is a matter hotly debated by apprentices and cryptically hinted at by the masters.

On a practical level, the Celestial Orders serve two primary purposes: the training of Warlocks and spell creation and dissemination. Training is a gradual process of internalizing symbolic frameworks within the mind which allows for the mind to process the reality of the Overworld and shape it to his will. Once a student has undergone the necessary internal workings to prepare himself, he is guided through a ritual initiation process which opens his mind more fully to the Overworld. These initiations are harrowing psychedelic revelations that must be carefully guided and are only possible through the preparations they have undergone. The result of these rituals, however, is that the Warlock gains access to a new 'level' of spells, a treasure that many power-hungry Warlocks would risk their souls and lives for.

An initiation ritual gone wrong
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