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The First Men

The First Men

The First Men, bringers of the law, from whom all men may trace their lineage, are a popular object of worship amongst craftspeople, moneylenders, shopkeepers, and tax collectors. According to legend, these First Men settled on Krül to share the Law to the savage inhabitants who lived without shame or ambition. The children of the First Men were corrupted by the Demons of the Earth, those that men now call Gods. The Demons of the Earth shared with their followers the stolen secret of the fires of heaven and these rebellious children rose up to destroy their parents and rule the heavens. Angered, the First Men retaliated, causing the Annihilation Event which drained the oceans and scarred the land. Their vengeance wreaked, the First Men withdrew into the heavens and let their descendants suffer the consequence of their folly.


Followers of this religion were originally known as “Sons of the Law”, which would later become “Lawsons”, the common term today and the temples are known as Houses of Man. Followers adhere to strict codes of behavior which encourage temperance, self-discipline, thriftiness, and the pursuit of profit above all things. Lawsons are expected to follow strict time tables, managing their day to the moment, and meet weekly to report what steps they have taken to achieve their long term goals. They despise magic above all things and have little time for frivolity and disorder.

Beloved by the First Men

A key aspect of the worship of the Lawsons is their veneration of that sealed utopia known as Omega, the Last City, and the Family which acts as Omega's representatives outside of their impenetrable fortress. Believed by the Lawsons to be a paradise of absolute law which few are found worthy of. Many among the Lawsons spend years petitioning to be accepted into Omega, and the majority will take a pilgrimage to their holy city in hopes of earning favor with the First Men upon their return.

Father Wisdom,
head of the Family

According to the Law, the Family is comprised of First Men whose duty is to record the course of history in preparation for the final judgment. When the First Men return in a time of grim prophecy every act shall be placed on the scales, be it Lawful or Chaotic, and how they shall tip will determine the fate of man. Those who are found worthy will be lifted into the heavens to join the First Men while the remainder will be left behind to perish on their dying world like rats on a sinking ship.

How nonbelievers view the First Men

Lawsons are found almost exclusively in the city-states of Krül, as they find little support outside of their middle class parishioners. The decadent elites find the Lawsons' moralizing to be deadly dull while the more pragmatically-minded poor prefer the tangible benefits derived from worship of the Gods. Despite this, the Lawsons are a force to be reckoned with, as priests often whip their parishioners into moral frenzies over the wanton lifestyles of the wretched slum-inhabitants, the brazen cults which hold sway over men's minds, and whatever else offends them. As such, they manage to keep their neighborhoods relatively homogeneous and free of wizards, cultists, and other undesirables, and the most egregious offenders face not only angry crowds but also Lawgivers, dour enforcers and witch hunters of the House of Man.

Keepers of the Bourgeois Flame

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