Wednesday, February 6, 2013

History of Krül Pt. 1

HD 187123

Seven hundred years ago a survey ship representing the Galactic Confederacy arrived on a lush jungle planet in the system HD 187123. The planet possessed a rich biosphere with multiple intelligent species and initial testing indicated that it was suitable for human habitation. While these factors were of some interest, the primary focus of the survey ship was the planet's economic potential. What they discovered would forever alter the future of the unsuspecting inhabitants of the planet which would be dubbed Krül.

Deep beneath the surface of Krül were vast deposits of an extremely rare mineral known as Kirbonite. Kirbonite, being a blood red crystal which faintly radiates light, was the most sought-after commodity in the galaxy. The amount discovered by that survey team represented nearly one tenth of the total Kirbonite resources in Confederation space.


Kirbonite's value is not derived merely by the rarity of the substance, but its absolute necessity for galactic communication and travel. Prior to the discovery of Kirbonite, interplanetary travel had become common as efficent space flight developed, yet the gulf between solar systems was nearly impossible to overcome. Although some limited attempts had been made through generation ships and suspended animation, regular transit was a complete unknown.

Kirbonite changed all of that. The radioactive properties of the previously unknown mineral creates a localized effect wherein the barrier between dimensions are weakened, allowing for objects and individuals to pass between worlds. By directing these energies, Confederation scientists were able to enter into another dimension and reemerge light years away. Unfortunately for the burgeoning Confederation, using Kirbonite in this fashion consumed the base material, leaving only a fine dust. The consequence of this was that travel between solar systems would be both rare and incredibly expensive.

As such, the discovery of these deposits on Krül represented wealth on a titannic scale. Unknown to the excited survey team, however, it also represented a terrible danger.
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