Monday, February 18, 2013

History of Krul, Part 2

After receiving the initial survey report, the Galactic Oligarchs set up a blockade around Krül to ensure that no prospectors or freebooters entered the system. Following this, the Confederacy quietly conducted a decade long observation campaign of the planet to catalog the various species and cultures thereupon.

The dominant species were known as Krütians, tall, thin, warmblooded humanoids possessing a Renaissance level of technology. The two other major intelligent races were the Thar Phreen, insectile creatures organized in telepathic hive structures, and the Skardi, octopoids which held sway beneath the seas. Each of these species claimed their own territories and were divided into various nations, tribes, and hives.

To the Oligarchs, the situation was ripe for exploitation. Prior to any diplomatic contact, however, special forces teams were employed to eliminate certain shamans and other mystical figures that were designated as high priority targets. Over a thousand seers, witch doctors, mediums, and the like met their end at the hands of these commando teams.

Once this initial threat was eliminated, a carefully orchestrated introduction was made with Krütian leadership, arranging a limited trade partnership which would provide mineral rights to the Confederacy in exchange to certain high-tech goods. Over the course of the next several decades, however, the Confederacy's influence grew across the globe as they introduced trading posts, relief organizations, schools and media.

While this spreading influence by the Confederates was seen as a threat to sovereignty by many Krütian leaders, their resistance would ultimately prove fruitless. Over the course of the next two hundred years native autonomy was slowly eroded to the point where the planet was governed by Confederate bureaucrats. This was accomplished through a variety of tactics, ranging from cultural, economic, and military imperialism.

To the Confederates, their unchecked reign seemed assured. They had gained control of a strategic resource of fantastic value and a subjugated population with which to harvest it. Little did they suspect that just a few short decades later they would lose it all to a threat unlike any they had ever faced.
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