Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Worldcube (A Magic Item for Labyrinth Lord)

The worldcube activated

The worldcube is a cube comprised of six square mirrors, 8' on a side, held together by a steel frame. Studying the reflections of these mirrors will show rippling images which will appear for short intervals before disappearing. These images depict alien worlds unlike anything known. Strangely, each mirror depicts a different world in these brief flashes.

Touching the worldcube reveals that the mirrors are only semi-solid and constant pressure from a fingertip can penetrate their surface. Should a person or object pass through the surface of the cube it begins to flash rapidly with a bright white light, revealing an empty chamber within. If someone enters the cube, they can see clearly through the mirrors they just passed through, and can exit just as easily. The worldcube will continue to flash for one turn before disappearing entirely.

Inactive worldcube

Anyone or anything within the worldcube when it disappears will experience a nauseous sensation as the cube tumbles downward through empty space. As it turns, any people or objects within will find that the walls have become very solid (although still transparent), and they will take 1d6 damage as they are tossed wildly about. Outside, what appears to be a raging storm of iridescent energy pushes them to and fro. Experienced dimensional travelers will note that this is one of the more chaotic areas of the Overworld, known to be extremely hazardous to all life.

After 15-30 seconds of falling the worldcube will land on a foreign world completely unlike their own. However, as far as anyone is aware, the worldcube never visits the same place twice. Although there are no constants to these places, they are commonly extremely alien, full of hostile life and rich with incredible magical and technological treasures. This combination ensures that adventurers are frequently attracted to the cube, as it offers high risks but high rewards to the bold.

The worldcube in transit

Once the worldcube has landed it will be completely inert for four hours, responding in no way to outside stimuli (although it will allow objects within to step out). At the end of this period, the worldcube will once again flash rapidly for one full turn. At the end of this turn it will disappear once more, returning to the spot where it was originally activated.

Inspection of the cube after its return will indicate that one of the alien worlds depicted (the one which was recently visited) has disappeared. In 1-4 weeks time a new world will appear on the surface.

Note: LLs which use the worldcube are encouraged to design six small locations / dungeons on alien worlds which are extremely deadly but have truly wild treasures within. When the party enters the cube, roll 1d6 to determine which they end up in.

Veteran worldcube delvers.

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