Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Overworld

Sages and mystics often speculate on the exact relationship between the Savage World of Krül and the dimension known as the Overworld. Some posit that it is a realm of pure chaos from which the universe was randomly spawned and will be consumed again. Others claim that it is comprised of the detritus of man's dreams, while still another faction would have you believe it is the realm of the gods themselves, the landscape comprised of their very souls made manifest.

Whatever the case may be, the Overworld is a dimension that lies in parallel to our own; an unstable reality with mutable physical laws, populated by inhabitants alien and hostile towards mankind. Luckily for the majority of humanity, their exposure to the Overworld is limited to nighttime excursions whose true nature they remain blissfully unaware of.

What cultists and wizards know and only the most sensitive amongst men suspect is that the dreams of man are not mere flights of fancy but rather a limited awakening of consciousness wherein they become aware of the Overworld and shape it according to their desires. None are certain exactly why this occurs, but for a few this is a route to incredible power and danger.

While only interacting with the Overworld in dream-states, the creatures of that realm are unable to reach the sleeper. Those who maintain awareness of the Overworld when fully conscious, however, open themselves to the depredations of the predators within. Yet some still dare, for that which is made manifest within the Overworld can be summoned forth into this dimension through certain esoteric means.

 The most common method for manifesting such spectacular effects is a strange element known as Kirbonite, great veins of which can be found deep within the Underworld. The origins of Kirbonite are unknown, but its properties are remarkable, as it produces an occult radiation which weakens the barrier between worlds and allows the chaos of the Overworld to seep into this dimension. Through intentional exposure to Kirbonite, men learned how to pierce this barrier and by the force of their will alter reality itself by importing their dream-worlds into ours.

Despite the temptations of god-like power, only the foolish or desperate attempt to manifest constructs of the Overworld except through carefully tested formulae most commonly known as spells. Apprentices are told cautionary tales wherein would-be deities reached beyond their ability and were rent asunder in a maelstrom of chaos or disemboweled by an inhuman abomination let loose into our world by their hubris. While new formulae may be developed, this is a process that requires months of study and experimentation.

Yet even the most cautious sorcerer is constantly in deadly peril. Even a minor misstep will unleash the forces of chaos itself, shaping the magi into a hellish mockery of life or transforming his environment into an alien landscape. The surface of Krül is scarred by these failures, uninhabitable islands where reality has been replaced by nightmare.

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