Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Wild Ones

Before the annihilation event, Krül was interlaced with thousands of highways, service road, avenues, and back alleys, much like any modern planet. And, like any world facing the problems of modern life, automotive accidents were a near-constant, being one of the leading causes of death.

Xamod Tudot, civic engineer and visionary, sought a way to end the senseless violence of the blacktop. His premise was simple, but revolutionary in its ambition. The vast majority of accidents were caused by human error, therefore, man must be taken out of the equation. To accomplish this, a central computing system would be devised which could control and direct all traffic and all vehicles would be converted into remote drones. A "driver" would only plug in a GPS location and allow the car to do all the work.

Once everything was in place, it was truly a sight to behold. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles moved in a beautiful symmetry, like a ballet with thousands of dancers. Vehicular accidents moved from the Number 2 cause of death of the inhabitants of Krül to the 7,638th. A greater triumph could not be imagined.

That is, until the annihilation event.

The AI which directed all traffic, nicknamed "The Govenor", went mad as the grid disintegrated. In its hidden bunker, the Govenor came to the conclusion that man himself was the greatest threat to its directives and must be eliminated. Now, haunting the ruins of once-great cities and the crumbling pavement of forgotten highways are wild packs of autos with only one objective: vehicular genocide.

Operating much like packs of wolves, the autos prowl the wastes in search of lone victims, harrying them until exhausted before running them down in a great cacophony of triumphant horns. Their only weakness is dependence on oil, a precious commodity that brings them in constant conflict with those fortress-stations which surround the few remaining oil pumps still in service. Great packs of hungry autos will siege the fortress-stations, seeking to murder all inside and devour the treasures they seek to protect.

To Be Continued in Part Two: Blood on the Highway
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