Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blood on the Highway

While the autos are but one of the multitude of dangers on Krül, unlike most they are also highly prized by men. Daring mechanics patiently stalk wild vehicular packs and capture those autos that stray too far from the herd. These foolhardy adventurers have learned the secrets of disabling the autos' computer system, known to as the "Govenor" of the vehicle. After doing so, the triumphant mechanic will employ the long-disused manual controls, driving off in his grisly trophy to be resold in open markets known as "auto shows".

These mechanics risk much for gold and glory. The Govenor is a vengeful foe, but also a crafty one. Mechanics which fall prey to the pack are captured and brought back to the Mother Factory. There, they are forced to undergo a horrifying process - the merger between man and machine.

Once under the knife of the Govenor, the mechanic's lower limbs are removed and are replaced with parts from a motorcycle or dune buggy, somewhat akin to a centaur. After this process is accomplished, the cranium is split often and a Control Box is implanted, ensuring the Govenor's total dominance over the unfortunate thrill-seeker. The mechanic is then put into the service of the Govenor, working the pumps and providing repairs to damaged autos who are lost in the field and are unable to return to the Mother Factory. These slaves are referred to by their machine masters as "Centaurs".

Grease monkeys are most often seen leading large packs of autos, but some few have gone free. Mechanics in solidarity will often conspire to kidnap the Centaurs and remove the Control Box, allowing these unfortunates to lead a sort of half-life. Forever barred from a normal existence, most of these freed Centaurs turn to a life of adventuring, where their speed and power are highly-sought commodities.

To Be Continued in Part Three: Hot Rods of Krül
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