Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shards of Skardi Civilization

Many empires, cultures, and peoples have passed before the red sun of Krül, but one of the earliest was the Skardi, a long-lost undersea race of squid-like humanoids that held domain beneath the many seas that once dotted the surface of the planet.

The Skardi watched with trepidation as the Man descended from the stars and, much later, mourned their lost history as the deserts claimed carefully cultivated kelp forests and pearl inlaid temples, the last of their kind choking feebly in the final polluted pools that acted as prisons for their kind.

Some whisper that despite the near-extinction event of Krül's cataclysm, a few Skardi enclaves still persist. Rumors drift into trading posts frequented by the Quom of sealed tunnel networks beneath the Veridian Sea where ingenious filtration methods have allowed small numbers of Skardi to maintain their ancient homes, and sailors frequently report Skardi sightings in the Surviving Sea, although these stories are often met with incredulity.

Depicted below is the ruins of the collapsed Skardi city of Izuma, now the home of a variety of mutants, machines, and madmen who wander the rusted tunnel networks and once-grand avenues and spacious homes of the Skardi.

Concept art provided by David Lewis Johnson!
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