Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Super-Villain Team-Up

The following is a digression from the focus of the blog, but may be of interest to my readers.

Super-Villain Team-Up is a upcoming FLAILSNAILS/ConstantCon irregular campaign for G+ gaming using the Marvel Super-Heroes RPG run by yours truly. It'll be open to anyone who wishes to play, and I'll try to advertise at least a couple weeks ahead of time. Here's the blurb:
Best Marvel cover of the '70s?

You're no Doctor Doom.

In fact, the Latverian embassy won't take your calls. The reason is simple - you're a loser, a wretch, a z-list villain at the bottom of the baddie pecking order. Your contemporaries are Stilt-Man, Kangaroo, and The Matador. Maybe one day you'll be able to run with the big boys, but for now you're a schmuck with something to prove.

Until you get your big break, you're playing henchman to guys you'd be ashamed to be seen in public with: Plantman, Egghead, even Baron Von Blimp (as long as the check clears). Still, it pays the rent until you land back in prison.

Structurally, Super-Villain Team-Up is fairly simple. Each session, players will start at the Bar With No Name, run by the Arranger, who acts as middleman between masterminds and henchmen. He'll have a variety of jobs available, based on your ranking within the villain community, as well as thugs for hire and high-tech goodies for sale. The rankings, determined by negative Popularity, are as follows:

This could be you!

Z-Grade (Popularity -1 through -9): Who? You're either a schmoe or a ten-time loser nobody wants to be associated with. Spider-Man just swings by when he sees you, trusting Annex or Adam the X-Treme to take you down. The only people will hire you are Egghead, Mordecai Midas, and Baron Von Blimp. No access to high-tech gear and only regular thugs are for hire. Example foes: Adam X the X-treme, Razorback, Brother Voodoo.

C-Grade (Popularity -10 through -19): You still can't get no respect, but at least the bosses are returning your calls and you can hire Z-Grade villains. Purchase illegal/high-tech goods up to Remarkable cost. Example bosses: Dock Ock, Klaw, Mandarin. Examples foes: Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Iceman, Iron Fist.

B-Grade (Popularity -20 through -39): At the moment's you're hot, and all the baddies want you. Access to high-tech vehicles, secret bases, and C-grade villains for hire. Purchase illegal/high-tech goods up to Amazing cost. Example bosses: Dr. Doom, Kingpin, Red Skull. Example foes: Punisher, Nick Fury, Spider-Man.

A-Grade (Popularity -40 and up): Congrats, you're at the top of the heap, at least as long as you can hold the spotlight. If you've got the money, mind-control satellites, third-world dictatorships, and extra-dimensional armies are yours (up to Unearthly cost)! You can also hire up to B-Grade villains, but no one will hire you - other masterminds see you as a potential threat to be put in your place. Example foes: Fantastic Four, Thor, Hulk.

 More to come in follow-up posts.


  1. I am totally twice as excited about this Scrap Princess is!

    Also, as requested, I am nagging. I love this idea!


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