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Super-Villain Team-Up, Pt. 2

Although I love the Marvel Super-Heroes RPG rules, they will require a few tweaks to fit a Z-list villains game. Let's start with character creation:

Origins will be handled a little differently. Roll once on the following d100 table:

01-50: Super-Powered
51-100: Gadgeteer

Now, we determine where you got your powers. The vast majority of bush-league baddies actually get handed powers by masterminds looking to grow their own super-powered henchmen, and that's the assumption here. Roll on the appropriate table below:

Who Gave Me These Crazy Powers?

1-5: Jonah Harrow
6-10: Karl Malus
11-15: AIM (25% chance of being a Robot, roll on robot subtable to determine type)
16-20: Secret Empire
21-25: HYDRA
26-30: Arnim Zola (50% chance of being an Android)
Of course I'm a qualified surgeon!
31-35: Diablo (25% chance of being an elemental spirit or alchemical creation, roll on spirit subtable)
36-40: Loki (10% chance of being an Asgardian, 10% chance of being a giant, 10% chance of being a troll, highest power raised to Monstrous - you're going to need it!)
41-45: Justin Hammer
46-50: Baron Zemo
51-55: High Evolutionary (mutated animal, roll on demihuman table)
56-60: Grandmaster (25% chance of being based on DC character of your choice, consult with EIC to choose powers)
61-65: Leader
66-70: Maelstrom (50% chance of being an Inhuman)
71-75: Supreme Intelligence (50% chance of Kree)
76-80: Roxxon
81-85: Thanos (50% chance of being an alien, roll on Alien subtable)
86-90: Doctor Demonicus (50% chance of being a mutated animal; if so, roll on demihuman subtable and take Growth as a bonus power at +2CS)
91-95: Egghead
96-100: Professor Power

Where Did I Get All This Crazy Shit, Anyways?

It only hurts when I breathe.
01-05: AIM
06-10: Secret Empire
11-15: HYDRA
16-20: Roxxon
21-25: Justin Hammer
26-30: Baron Zemo
31-35: Tinkerer
36-40: Professor Power
41-45: Sunset Bain
46-50: Rama-Tut
51-55: Hammerhead
56-60: Wizard
61-65: Justin Hammer
66-70: Mad Thinker
71-75: Silvermane
76-80: Rose
81-85: Green Goblin
86-90: Viper
91-95: Spencer Smythe (Shift Y Spider Detection, +1 Power, at least 2 powers must be from Spider Slayer sub-list)
96-100: Grandmaster (25% chance of being based on DC character of your choice, consult with EIC to choose powers)

You automatically gain your patron as a Contact. However, they will occasionally (5% chance per session) ask for you to do a mission for them at no cost. You're welcome to ignore such requests, but will lose them as a Contact and may very well attempt to punish you for your ingratitude (50% chance).

Super-Powered Physical Forms:

01-50: Induced Mutant
51-55: Modified Human: Organic
56-60: Modified Human: Muscular
61-65: Modified Human: Skeletal
66-75: Cyborg:  Artificial Limbs / Organs
76-85: Cyborg: Exoskeleton
86-90: Cyborg: Mechanical Body
91-100: Cyborg: Mechanically Augmented

Robot Physical Forms:

01-25: Human Form
26-50: Usuform
51-75: Metamorphic
76-100: Computer

Spirit Physical Forms:

01-20: Vegetable
21-40: Mineral
41-60: Gaseous
61-80: Liquid
81-100: Energy

Demihuman Physical Forms:

01-04: Goat (Feeble Mental Domination over members of the opposite sex, roll on Column 2)
05-08: Cat (Excellent Night Vision, +1CS Climbing ability, roll on Column 1)
09-12: Wolf (roll on Column 4)
13-16: Bird (+1CS Fighting, roll on Column 2)
17-20: Bat (Good Active Sonar, roll on Column 2)
Nor will they laugh at your awesome character.
21-24: Snake (50% chance venomous, Excellent Poison, +1CS to Escape, roll on Column 3)
25-28: Fish (Water Breathing, Water Freedom, roll on Column 2)
29-32: Fly (Excellent intensity Health-Drain Touch, roll on Column 2)
33-36: Spider (Excellent intensity Entangling Snare, roll on Column 1)
37-40: Scorpion (Extra Limb-Tail, roll on Column 2)
41-44: Hornet (Excellent Poison, roll on Column 3)
45-48: Kangaroo (Excellent Leaping, roll on Column 2)
49-52: Ape (+1CS Climbing, roll on Column 4)
53-56: Frog (Excellent Leaping, Optional Power: Ensnaring Missile (Feeble range), roll Column 2)
57-60: Bear (+1CS Strength, roll on Column 4)
61-64: Bull (Excellent Horns (treat as Claws), roll on Column 1)
65-68: Rat (+1CS Stealth, roll on Column 2)
69-72: Gator (+1CS Wrestling, roll on Column 1)
73-76: Hog (roll on Column 3)
77-80: T-Rex (Excellent Growth, Weakness: tiny arms, roll on Column 4)
81-84: Triceratops (Excellent Horns (treat as Claws), +1CS Charging, roll on Column 1)
85-88: Pterodactyl (Excellent Gliding, roll on Column 2)
89-92: Stegosaurus (Extra Limb: Spiked Tail (Good Edged Damage), Good Armor, roll on Column 2)
93-96: Crab (Excellent Armor, roll on Column 3)
97-100: Fox (+1CS Agility, roll on Column 2)

Alien Physical Form:

1-53: Humanoid
54-62: Robot: Human Shape
63-70: Robot: Usuform
71-78: Robot: Metamorphic
79-85: Robot: Computer
86-90: Vegetable
Free Contact for all Spider-Slayers: JJJ!
91-95: Mineral
96-100: Energy

Spider-Slayer Subsection:

Physical Form (d8):
1: Cyborg:  Artificial Limbs / Organs
2: Cyborg: Exoskeleton
3: Cyborg: Mechanical Body
4: Cyborg: Mechanically Augmented
5: Robot: Human Shape
6: Robot: Usuform
7: Robot: Metamorphic
8: Robot: Computer

Powers (roll twice):
01-10: Body Armor
11-20: Elongation
21-30: Slippery (Used for Escape attempts)

31-40: Steel Coils (Extra Limbs, can be used to Grapple)
41-50: Wallcrawling
51-60: Knockout Gas
61-70: Leaping
71-80: Spider-Sense Nullifier (can block similar powers at a -2CS)
81-90: Oil Nozzle (Creates a puddle of slick oil, must make opposed Agility check or slip)

91-100: Chemical Tracer (Once sprayed on target can be used to Track)

Still more to come!

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