Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Varmint, in full color!

Feast your eyes on this hideous little beastie!

Illustrated by heavy metallurgist and concept artist Dave L. Johnson, I'm happy to say that this sadistic little creep is everything I could hope for. We should be seeing a lot more from Dave in the future, as his fevered imagination has few parallels when it comes to monster design.

In case you missed it, you can find the write-up for the Varmint here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Super-Villain Team-Up Part 4: Character Creation Completed

Will you be a super-wrestler?
The following random tables will be used to determine powers. These mostly come from the Advanced version of the Players Handbook, but a few are lifted from the Ultimate Powers Book as well. Each power will have a code, PHB or UPB, for reference. Since you can get both for free online, I think you can figure it out.

Power Categories Table
01-05: Resistances
06-10: Senses
11-20: Movement
21-25: Matter Control
26-40: Energy Control
41-55: Body Control
56-70: Distance Attacks
71-75: Mental Powers
76-90: Body Alterations/Offensive
91-100: Body Alterations/Defensive

Resistances (d12):
1. Resistance to Fire and Heat (PHB)
2. Resistance to Cold (PHB)
3. Resistance to Electricity (PHB)
4. Resistance to Radiation (PHB)
5. Resistance to Energy (UPB)
6. Resistance to Toxins (PHB)
Or maybe a giant doll?
7. Resistance to Corrosives (PHB)
8. Resistance to Physical Attacks (PHB)
9. Resistance to Mental Attacks (PHB)
10. Resistance to Magical Attacks (PHB)
11. Resistance to Disease (PHB)
12. Invulnerability * (PHB)

01-06: Protected Senses (PHB)
07-12: Circular Vision (UPB)
13-18: Penetration Vision (UPB)
19-24: Hyper-Hearing (UPB)
25-30: Hyper-Olfactory (UPB)
31-36: Hyper-Touch (UPB)
37-42: Infravision (PHB)
42-44: Combat Sense* (PHB)
45-50: Computer Links (PHB)
51-56: Emotion Detection (PHB)
57-62: Energy Detection (PHB)
63-68: Magnetic Detection (PHB)
69-74: Power Detection (UPB)
75-80: Psionic Detection (PHB)
81-86: Radarsense (UPB)
87-92: Telescopic Vision (UPB)
93-98: Tracking Ability (PHB)
99-100: Weakness Detection (UPB)

01-06: Flight (PHB)
07-12: Gliding (PHB)
13-18: Carrier Wave (UPB)
19-24: Floating Disc (UPB)
25-30: Rocket (UPB)
31-36: Skywalk (UPB)
Or possibly a sports mascot?
37-42: Leaping (PHB)
43-48: Wall-Crawling (PHB)
49-54: Lightning Speed (PHB)
55-58: Teleportation* (PHB)
59-64: Levitation (PHB)
64-70: Swimming (PHB)
71-76: Climbing (PHB)
77-82: Digging (PHB)
83-88: Water Walking (UPB)
89-94: Whirlwind (UPB)
95-96: Internal Limbo (UPB)
97-98: Dimensional Travel* (PHB)
99-100: Time Travel* (UPB)

Matter Control:
01-20: Earth Control (PHB)
21-40: Air Control (PHB)
41-60: Fire Control (PHB)
61-80: Water Control (PHB)
81-100: Weather Control (PHB)

Energy Control:
01-08: Magnetic Manipulation (PHB)
09-16: Electrical Manipulation (PHB)
17-24: Light Manipulation (PHB)
25-32: Sound Manipulation (PHB)
33-40: Darkforce Manipulation (PHB)
41-48: Gravity Manipulation (PHB)
49-56: Probability Manipulation* (PHB)
 57-60: Nullifying Power* (PHB)
61-68: Energy Reflection (PHB)
69-76: Energy Sponge (UPB)
77-84: Kinetic Control (UPB)
85-92: Radiowave Control (UPB)
92-100: Vibration Control (UPB)

Create a character and find out, True Believer!
Body Controls:
01-05: Growth (PHB)
06-10: Shrinking (PHB)
11-15: Density Manipulation - Self (PHB)
16-20: Phasing (PHB)
21-25: Invisibility (PHB)
26-30: Plasticity (PHB)
31-35: Elongation (PHB)
36-40: Shape-Shifting (PHB)
41-45: Imitation (PHB)
46-50: Animal Transformation - Self (PHB)
51-55: Blending (PHB)
56-60: Power Absorption (PHB)
61-65: Alter Ego (PHB)
66-70: Anatomical Separation (UPB)
71-75: Bouncing Ball (UPB)
76-80: Energy Sheath (UPB)
81-85: Evolution (UPB)
86-90: Prehensile Hair (UPB)
91-95: Self-Duplication* (UPB)
96-100: Two-dimensionality (UPB)

Distance Attacks:
01-07: Projectile Missle (PHB)
07-14: Ensnaring Missle (PHB)
15-21: Ice Generation (PHB)
22-28: Fire Generation (PHB)
29-35: Energy Generation (PHB)
More pictures of loser to fill space.
36-42: Sound Generation (PHB)
43-45: Stunning Missle (PHB)
46-52: Corrosive Missle (PHB)
53-69: Slashing Missle (PHB)
70-72: Darkforce Generation (PHB)
73-79: Heat (UPB)
80-86: Light Generation (UPB)
87-93: Magnetism (UPB)
94-100: Vibration (UPB)

Mental Powers:
01-05: Telepathy (PHB)
06-10: Image Generation* (PHB)
11-15: Telekinesis (PHB)
16-20: Mind Control* (PHB)
21-25: Emotion Control* (PHB)
26-30: Force Field Generation (PHB)
31-35: Animal Communication and Control (PHB)
36-40: Mechanical Intuition (PHB)
41-45: Animal Empathy (PHB)
46-50: Empathy (PHB)
51-55: Psi-Screen (PHB)
56-60: Mental Probe (PHB)
61-65: Possession* (PHB)
66-70: Transferral* (PHB)
71-75: Astral Projection (PHB)
76-80: Plant Control (PHB)
81-85: Ultimate Skill (PHB)
86-90: Hyper-Intelligence (UPB)
91-100: Hyper-Invention (UPB)

Body Alterations/Offensive:
Insert "funny" comment here.
01-20: Extra Body Parts (PHB)
21-40: Energy Touch (PHB)
41-60: Natural Weaponry (UPB)
61-80: Health-Drain Touch* (PHB)
81-100: Berserker (UPB)

Body Alterations/Defensive:
01-07: Body Armor (PHB)
08-14: Water Breathing (PHB)
15-19: Absorption (PHB)
20-25: Regeneration (PHB)
26-31: Solar Regeneration (PHB)
32-37: Recovery (PHB)
38-43: Life Support (PHB)
44-50: Pheromones (PHB)
51-57: Water Freedom (UPB)
58-64: Digestive Adaptation (UPB)
65-71: Hypnotic Voice (UPB)
72-78: Lung Adaptability (UPB)
79-86: Stealth (UPB)
87-93: Suspended Animation (UPB)
94-100: Vocal Control (UPB)

Determine Talents as per normal, and roll on the following tables to determine Contacts:

Contact Categories:
01-25: Professional
26-50: Scientific
51-75: Political
76-100: Weird

Powers: fat, rich, and delusional.
Professional Table (d12):
1: Medicine
2: Law
3: Law Enforcement
4: Military
5: Business World
6: Journalism
7: Crime
8: Engineering
9: Psychiatry
10: Detective/Espionage
11: Villain Group
12: Artist/Performer

Scientific Table (d8):
1: Chemistry
2: Biology
3: Geology
4: Genetics
5: Archeology
6: Physics
7: Computers
8: Electronics
Hulk vs a Carny! Place your bets!

Political Table (d6):
1: Local
2: State
3: National
4: Other National
5: International
6: Planetary

Weird (d4)
1: Religion
2: Occult Lore
3: Mythology
4: Interdimensional

Wheh! Finally done.

Coming soon: additional rules for villainous play.

Super-Villain Team-Up Part 3: Character Creation Continued

A few notes on the last post:

Physical Forms can be found in the Ultimate Powers Book. Android is one of those forms.

Gadgeteers should refer to the Origin: High-Tech from the Players Handbook.

Abilities are generated using the standard columns found in the PHB. However, no Ability may start higher than Incredible. If you roll Amazing or Monstrous for any Ability or Power, it is automatically reduced to Incredible. The only exceptions are powers that are automatically at a higher rate (determined at character creation) or specific racial Abilities (see below).

Some characters may have rolled up a specific alien. In these cases, roll on the Ability Modifier Table on pg. 8 of the PHB to change Abilities from the baseline for the race. Any Known Powers are subtracted from the character's total Powers. However, every character will have at least one additional power beyond their racial abilities. Here are the normal statistics for each:

Fighting: Good (8)
Agility: Typical (5)
Strength: Excellent (16)
Join the Kree Armada!
Endurance: Excellent (16)
Reason: Good (8)
Intuition: Good (8)
Psyche: Typical (5)

Fighting: Good (8)
Agility: Excellent (16)
Strength: Excellent (16)
Endurance: Remarkable (26)
Reason: Good (8)
Intuition: Good (8)
Psyche: Good (8)

Fighting: Remarkable (26)
Agility: Good (8)
Strength: Incredible (36)
Endurance: Incredible (36)
Reason: Good (8)
Intuition: Good (8)
Psyche: Excellent (16)

Known Powers:
The OG Asgardian Jobbers.
Body Resistance: Good (8)
Resistance to Aging and Disease: Unearthly (86)


Roll on the following table to determine type of Giant:

01-25: Fire Giant
25-50: Frost Giant
51-75: Storm Giant
76-100: Hill Giant

Fighting: Remarkable (26)
Agility: Typical (5)
Strength: Amazing (46)
Endurance: Amazing (46)
Reason: Typical (5)
Intuition: Poor (3)
Psyche: Typical (5)

Known Powers:
 Body Resistance: Excellent (16)

Fire Giants:
+1CS on Strength and Endurance
Invulnerability to Fire
Growth: Monstrous (63)

1 in 8000 chance this could be you!
Frost Giants:
+1CS on Strength and Endurance
Invulnerability to Cold
Growth: Monstrous (63)

Storm Giants:
+1CS on Agility, Strength, and Endurance
Weather Control: Remarkable (26)
Growth: Unearthly (86)

Hill Giants:
Growth: Incredible (36)

Fighting: Remarkable (26)
Agility: Poor (3)
Strength: Incredible (36)
Endurance: Remarkable (26)
Reason: Feeble (1)
Intuition: Poor (3)
Psyche: Poor (3)

Known Powers:
Resistance to Disease: Unearthly (86)
Infravision: Excellent (16)

Cowardice: Cannot attack unless they outnumber an opponent, can take him by surprise, or are in a group with a character that possesses the Talent Leadership (or they have the Talent themselves).

Additional Note on Asgardians, Giants, and Trolls: There is a 25% chance each time this character appears in public that an Asgardian will show up to drag the player back to their rightful plane. Roll on the following table:

01-50: Thor
51-60: Balder
61-70: Heimdall
71-80: Valkyrie
81-90: Sif
91-99: Warriors Three
100:  Zeus

Okay, that's everything on Origins and Ability Scores.

Determine Resources as per normal. However, keep in mind that Resources will be a non-renewable resource in this game, so feel free to blow them on Powers, Talents, and Contacts.

Popularity automatically starts at -1 for all characters.

Roll as per the PHB p. 9 to determine number of Powers, Talents, and Contacts.

Next up: Powers! We'll have new tables, borrowing from both the UPB and PHB, specially tailored for the super-villain set.

Super-Villain Team-Up, Pt. 2

Although I love the Marvel Super-Heroes RPG rules, they will require a few tweaks to fit a Z-list villains game. Let's start with character creation:

Origins will be handled a little differently. Roll once on the following d100 table:

01-50: Super-Powered
51-100: Gadgeteer

Now, we determine where you got your powers. The vast majority of bush-league baddies actually get handed powers by masterminds looking to grow their own super-powered henchmen, and that's the assumption here. Roll on the appropriate table below:

Who Gave Me These Crazy Powers?

1-5: Jonah Harrow
6-10: Karl Malus
11-15: AIM (25% chance of being a Robot, roll on robot subtable to determine type)
16-20: Secret Empire
21-25: HYDRA
26-30: Arnim Zola (50% chance of being an Android)
Of course I'm a qualified surgeon!
31-35: Diablo (25% chance of being an elemental spirit or alchemical creation, roll on spirit subtable)
36-40: Loki (10% chance of being an Asgardian, 10% chance of being a giant, 10% chance of being a troll, highest power raised to Monstrous - you're going to need it!)
41-45: Justin Hammer
46-50: Baron Zemo
51-55: High Evolutionary (mutated animal, roll on demihuman table)
56-60: Grandmaster (25% chance of being based on DC character of your choice, consult with EIC to choose powers)
61-65: Leader
66-70: Maelstrom (50% chance of being an Inhuman)
71-75: Supreme Intelligence (50% chance of Kree)
76-80: Roxxon
81-85: Thanos (50% chance of being an alien, roll on Alien subtable)
86-90: Doctor Demonicus (50% chance of being a mutated animal; if so, roll on demihuman subtable and take Growth as a bonus power at +2CS)
91-95: Egghead
96-100: Professor Power

Where Did I Get All This Crazy Shit, Anyways?

It only hurts when I breathe.
01-05: AIM
06-10: Secret Empire
11-15: HYDRA
16-20: Roxxon
21-25: Justin Hammer
26-30: Baron Zemo
31-35: Tinkerer
36-40: Professor Power
41-45: Sunset Bain
46-50: Rama-Tut
51-55: Hammerhead
56-60: Wizard
61-65: Justin Hammer
66-70: Mad Thinker
71-75: Silvermane
76-80: Rose
81-85: Green Goblin
86-90: Viper
91-95: Spencer Smythe (Shift Y Spider Detection, +1 Power, at least 2 powers must be from Spider Slayer sub-list)
96-100: Grandmaster (25% chance of being based on DC character of your choice, consult with EIC to choose powers)

You automatically gain your patron as a Contact. However, they will occasionally (5% chance per session) ask for you to do a mission for them at no cost. You're welcome to ignore such requests, but will lose them as a Contact and may very well attempt to punish you for your ingratitude (50% chance).

Super-Powered Physical Forms:

01-50: Induced Mutant
51-55: Modified Human: Organic
56-60: Modified Human: Muscular
61-65: Modified Human: Skeletal
66-75: Cyborg:  Artificial Limbs / Organs
76-85: Cyborg: Exoskeleton
86-90: Cyborg: Mechanical Body
91-100: Cyborg: Mechanically Augmented

Robot Physical Forms:

01-25: Human Form
26-50: Usuform
51-75: Metamorphic
76-100: Computer

Spirit Physical Forms:

01-20: Vegetable
21-40: Mineral
41-60: Gaseous
61-80: Liquid
81-100: Energy

Demihuman Physical Forms:

01-04: Goat (Feeble Mental Domination over members of the opposite sex, roll on Column 2)
05-08: Cat (Excellent Night Vision, +1CS Climbing ability, roll on Column 1)
09-12: Wolf (roll on Column 4)
13-16: Bird (+1CS Fighting, roll on Column 2)
17-20: Bat (Good Active Sonar, roll on Column 2)
Nor will they laugh at your awesome character.
21-24: Snake (50% chance venomous, Excellent Poison, +1CS to Escape, roll on Column 3)
25-28: Fish (Water Breathing, Water Freedom, roll on Column 2)
29-32: Fly (Excellent intensity Health-Drain Touch, roll on Column 2)
33-36: Spider (Excellent intensity Entangling Snare, roll on Column 1)
37-40: Scorpion (Extra Limb-Tail, roll on Column 2)
41-44: Hornet (Excellent Poison, roll on Column 3)
45-48: Kangaroo (Excellent Leaping, roll on Column 2)
49-52: Ape (+1CS Climbing, roll on Column 4)
53-56: Frog (Excellent Leaping, Optional Power: Ensnaring Missile (Feeble range), roll Column 2)
57-60: Bear (+1CS Strength, roll on Column 4)
61-64: Bull (Excellent Horns (treat as Claws), roll on Column 1)
65-68: Rat (+1CS Stealth, roll on Column 2)
69-72: Gator (+1CS Wrestling, roll on Column 1)
73-76: Hog (roll on Column 3)
77-80: T-Rex (Excellent Growth, Weakness: tiny arms, roll on Column 4)
81-84: Triceratops (Excellent Horns (treat as Claws), +1CS Charging, roll on Column 1)
85-88: Pterodactyl (Excellent Gliding, roll on Column 2)
89-92: Stegosaurus (Extra Limb: Spiked Tail (Good Edged Damage), Good Armor, roll on Column 2)
93-96: Crab (Excellent Armor, roll on Column 3)
97-100: Fox (+1CS Agility, roll on Column 2)

Alien Physical Form:

1-53: Humanoid
54-62: Robot: Human Shape
63-70: Robot: Usuform
71-78: Robot: Metamorphic
79-85: Robot: Computer
86-90: Vegetable
Free Contact for all Spider-Slayers: JJJ!
91-95: Mineral
96-100: Energy

Spider-Slayer Subsection:

Physical Form (d8):
1: Cyborg:  Artificial Limbs / Organs
2: Cyborg: Exoskeleton
3: Cyborg: Mechanical Body
4: Cyborg: Mechanically Augmented
5: Robot: Human Shape
6: Robot: Usuform
7: Robot: Metamorphic
8: Robot: Computer

Powers (roll twice):
01-10: Body Armor
11-20: Elongation
21-30: Slippery (Used for Escape attempts)

31-40: Steel Coils (Extra Limbs, can be used to Grapple)
41-50: Wallcrawling
51-60: Knockout Gas
61-70: Leaping
71-80: Spider-Sense Nullifier (can block similar powers at a -2CS)
81-90: Oil Nozzle (Creates a puddle of slick oil, must make opposed Agility check or slip)

91-100: Chemical Tracer (Once sprayed on target can be used to Track)

Still more to come!

Super-Villain Team-Up

The following is a digression from the focus of the blog, but may be of interest to my readers.

Super-Villain Team-Up is a upcoming FLAILSNAILS/ConstantCon irregular campaign for G+ gaming using the Marvel Super-Heroes RPG run by yours truly. It'll be open to anyone who wishes to play, and I'll try to advertise at least a couple weeks ahead of time. Here's the blurb:
Best Marvel cover of the '70s?

You're no Doctor Doom.

In fact, the Latverian embassy won't take your calls. The reason is simple - you're a loser, a wretch, a z-list villain at the bottom of the baddie pecking order. Your contemporaries are Stilt-Man, Kangaroo, and The Matador. Maybe one day you'll be able to run with the big boys, but for now you're a schmuck with something to prove.

Until you get your big break, you're playing henchman to guys you'd be ashamed to be seen in public with: Plantman, Egghead, even Baron Von Blimp (as long as the check clears). Still, it pays the rent until you land back in prison.

Structurally, Super-Villain Team-Up is fairly simple. Each session, players will start at the Bar With No Name, run by the Arranger, who acts as middleman between masterminds and henchmen. He'll have a variety of jobs available, based on your ranking within the villain community, as well as thugs for hire and high-tech goodies for sale. The rankings, determined by negative Popularity, are as follows:

This could be you!

Z-Grade (Popularity -1 through -9): Who? You're either a schmoe or a ten-time loser nobody wants to be associated with. Spider-Man just swings by when he sees you, trusting Annex or Adam the X-Treme to take you down. The only people will hire you are Egghead, Mordecai Midas, and Baron Von Blimp. No access to high-tech gear and only regular thugs are for hire. Example foes: Adam X the X-treme, Razorback, Brother Voodoo.

C-Grade (Popularity -10 through -19): You still can't get no respect, but at least the bosses are returning your calls and you can hire Z-Grade villains. Purchase illegal/high-tech goods up to Remarkable cost. Example bosses: Dock Ock, Klaw, Mandarin. Examples foes: Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Iceman, Iron Fist.

B-Grade (Popularity -20 through -39): At the moment's you're hot, and all the baddies want you. Access to high-tech vehicles, secret bases, and C-grade villains for hire. Purchase illegal/high-tech goods up to Amazing cost. Example bosses: Dr. Doom, Kingpin, Red Skull. Example foes: Punisher, Nick Fury, Spider-Man.

A-Grade (Popularity -40 and up): Congrats, you're at the top of the heap, at least as long as you can hold the spotlight. If you've got the money, mind-control satellites, third-world dictatorships, and extra-dimensional armies are yours (up to Unearthly cost)! You can also hire up to B-Grade villains, but no one will hire you - other masterminds see you as a potential threat to be put in your place. Example foes: Fantastic Four, Thor, Hulk.

 More to come in follow-up posts.
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